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AWS CloudFormation Deep Dive

About the Training Architect
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Introduction to CloudFormation:
CloudFormation Introduction and Syllabus
CloudFormation Essentials
Introduction to JSON
Introduction to YAML
CloudFormation and IAM
Exercise: Working With JSON
Exercise: Working With YAML

Templates In-Depth:
Template Format and Structure
Templates In-Depth
Intrinsic Functions
Intrinsic Functions Examples
Condition Functions
Templates to Stack - S3
Template to Stack - DynamoDB
Using CloudFormation Designer
Using CloudFormer
Template Best Practices
CloudFormation and VPCs

Stacks In-Depth:
Introduction to Stacks
Protecting Your Stacks
Stacks in Detail
Rollback Triggers
Using AWS Config to Monitor Stacks

Updating Stacks:
Updating Stacks
Updating Stacks
Updating Stacks, Part 2
Change Sets
Cross Stack References

CloudFormation from the CLI:
CLI Installation
CLI Configuration
CloudFormation from the CLI
CloudFormation CLI Lightning Round
Quiz: CloudFormation CLI Quiz
Quiz: CloudFormation Stacks Quiz

Templates - Advanced Concepts:
Wait Conditions
Creation Policies
Stack Policies
Update Policies
Helper Script Walkthrough
Helper Script Flow Diagram

CloudFormation Custom Resources:
Introduction to Lambda
Custom Resources
Custom Resources By Example - AMI Selection
Custom Resources By Example - Password Checker

Stack Sets:
Provisioning at Scale
Introduction to Stack Sets
Working With Stack Sets
Stack Set Best Practices

CloudFormation with Deployment Technologies:
Chef with CloudFormation
Puppet with CloudFormation
Docker with CloudFormation
Kubernetes with CloudFormation

CloudFormation Best Practices and Troubleshooting:
Troubleshooting CloudFormation
CloudFormation Best Practices
CloudFormation for Disaster Recovery

Thank You:
Course Conclusion and Thank You

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