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AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level – 2018

Getting Started:
Course Introduction
About the Training Architect
Introduction to the Orion Papers
About the Exam
What is a Solutions Architect?
Introduction to the Well Architected Framework
Course Features and Tools
AWS Free Tier: Usage Tracking and Billing Widget

AWS Account and Physical Organization:
Exploring the AWS Account and Services Layer
Exploring the AWS Physical and Networking Layer
Essential CSA Terminology
Shared Security Responsibility Model and Attributes

Interacting with AWS:
Console Tour and Navigation: Settings and Account Management

IAM (Identity and Access Management):
IAM Essentials
IAM Policies
IAM Users
IAM Groups
IAM Roles
Identity Federation
AWS Organizations

EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud):
EC2 Essentials
EC2 AMIs and Virtualization
EC2 Instance Types
Instance Details and Bootstrapping
EC2 Storage Options
Security Groups and Key Pairs
EBS Snapshots
EC2 Placement Groups
EC2 Purchasing Options

Elastic File System (EFS):
EFS Essentials

Introduction to AWS VPC Networking:
VPC Essentials
VPC Network Routing Basics
VPC Security Basics

Highly Available and Fault Tolerant VPC Networking:
Elastic Load Balancing
Serving Traffic To and From Private Subnets
VPC Endpoints
Making your Applications Stateless
High Availability versus Fault Tolerance

DNS, CDN, and Failover Networking:
Route 53 Essentials
Route 53 DNS Failover

Database Concepts:
Database Terminology

RDS (Relational Database Service):
DynamoDB Essentials

DynamoDB Essentials

Neptune Essentials

ElastiCache Essentials

Redshift Essentials

S3 (Simple Storage Service):
S3 Essentials
S3 Components
S3 Features
Website Hosting with S3
Transferring Data into S3

Hybrid Environments & VPC Peering:
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
AWS Direct Connect
VPC Peering

SNS (Simple Notification Service):
SNS Essentials

SQS (Simple Queue Service):
SQS Essentials

Amazon MQ:
Amazon MQ Essentials

SWF (Simple Work Flow):
SWF Essentials

API Gateway:
API Gateway Essentials

Service Oriented Architectures:
Introduction to Service Oriented and Serverless Architectures

Lambda Essentials

CloudWatch & CloudTrail:
CloudWatch Essentials
CloudTrail Essentials

Network Flow Logs:
VPC Flow Logs and Access Logs

CloudFormation Essentials

Container Services:
Elastic Container Service (ECS) Essentials

Elastic Beanstalk:
Elastic Beanstalk Essentials

Kinesis Essentials

Elastic MapReduce:
EMR Essentials

Operational Excellence Pillar:
Best Practices and Key Services for Operational Excellence

Reliability Pillar:
Design Principles and Key Services for Reliability
Encryption Key Management on AWS
Disaster Recovery Design Patterns

Security Pillar:
Design Principles and Key Services for Security

Performance Efficiency Pillar:
Design Principles and Key Services for Performance Efficiency

Cost Optimization Pillar:
Design Principles and Best Practices for Cost Optimization

Final Steps:
How to Prepare for the Exam
What's Next After Certification?
Get Recognized
Practice Exam: AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

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