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Automating AWS with Lambda, Python, and Boto3

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Course Overview
2. About the Training Architect
3. Course Prerequisites
4. Working with the Interactive Diagrams
5. Overview of AWS Lambda
6. Introduction to Boto3
7. Stopping EC2 Instances Nightly
8. Backing Up EC2 Instances
9. Removing Unattached EBS Volumes
10. Deregistering Old AMIs
11. AWS Instance Scheduler
12. Working with DynamoDB Tables
13. Resizing Images
14. Importing CSV Files into DynamoDB
15. Transcribing Audio
16. Detecting Faces with Rekognition
17. Triggering Lambda from SQS
18. Creating a Queue Using Cross-Account Permissions
19. Enabling VPC Flow Logs
20. Responding to Invalid SSH Logins
21. Remediating Inspector Findings
22. Making Public S3 Objects Private
23. Automating Resource Tagging
24. Rotating IAM Access Keys
25. Finding Outdated Instance Types
26. Building a Contact Form with API Gateway and SES
27. Creating Lambda-Backed Custom Resources
28. Using Custom Resources to Deploy an S3-Hosted Website
29. Working with Lambda Layers
30. Automating CodeCommit Change Notifications
31. Creating Slack Notifications for CloudWatch Alarms
32. Creating a Twitter App
33. Publishing Custom Metrics from Lambda
34. Tracing with X-Ray
35. What_s Next
36. Get Recognized