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Amazon ECS Deep Dive

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started:
Course Introduction
About the Training Architect
Working with the Interactive Diagram
Course Prerequisites
AWS Free Tier: Usage Tracking and Billing Widget

Section Introduction
What is Amazon ECS?
Examining ECS Capabilities
Understanding Costs
ECS Use Cases
ECS vs. Other Services
Section Conclusion and Summary

How ECS Works:
Section Introduction
Container Agent
Creating a Cluster
Task Definitions
Scheduling Tasks
Working with Services
Load Balancing
Understanding Elastic Container Registry (ECR)
Section Conclusion and Summary

Migrating to Containers:
Section Introduction
Understanding the Application Architecture
Building from Source
Creating a Container Image
Publishing to ECR
Section Conclusion and Summary

Going Live:
Deploying to an EC2 Cluster
Deploying with Fargate
Deploying to ECS from the CLI
CloudWatch Monitoring for Containers
Updating in Production
Automating with the CLI
Configuring Autoscaling

ECS in the Real World:
Batch Processing
CI/CD Integration
Using Parameter Store and IAM Roles
Automating Container Instance Draining

Final Steps:
What's Next?
Get Recognized