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Learning Paths: UX Strategy

Principles and Benefits of UX Strategy :
This course presents a solid framework on the practice of UX strategy and its role in crafting innovative products. Tailored for entrepreneurs, start-up founders, business executives, digital product managers, and UX/UI designers, this video offers an example filled exploration of UX strategy as the must-have nexus between business strategy and UX design.

Conducting Competitive Research and Analysis :
In this course Jaime Levy explores the first of those tenets: Business strategy. Peppered with stories of triumph and hard knocks (e.g., an illuminating tale about a lunatic Hollywood producer), Levy describes what business strategy is before diving deep into her Competitive Analysis Matrix Tool, a methodology successful entrepreneurs employ to plan their digital futures. She shows you how to use the tool, how to source the information required by the tool, and how to take advantage of the insights provided by the tool. By the end you’ll have a definitive understanding of how to do competitive research and why it’s needed to survive and thrive in the digital marketplace.

Creating Prototypes to Test Product Market Fit :
This course focuses on the practice and benefits of rapidly creating prototypes that tell the story of your product’s value proposition. Doing so makes it possible to identify your product’s value innovation, a key tenet of UX expert Jaime Levy’s proven formula for creating an effective UX strategy. This is the third installment in Levy’s five-course series on how to develop a clear and coherent UX strategy. It is tailored to UX/UI practitioners of any level, product teams and managers, business executives, and startup founders who want to deeply explore the intersection of UX design and business strategy.

Conducting Methodical Guerrilla User Research :
Guerilla user research is what you do when you’re ready to test your product idea with potential customers (end-users) and you don’t have the time or budget for more traditional forms of user research, like focus groups or surveys. In this course Jaime Levy gives detailed practical instruction on how to conduct guerilla user research that is low cost, quick to provide user feedback, and most importantly, accurate in terms of its ability to validate—or invalidate—your product’s value proposition.

Designing for Conversion :
The best UX designers always design for conversion, that artfully analytical process by which a first time visitor to a site/app enjoys the visit and then becomes happily addicted to the site/app. In this course, UX strategy maven Jaime Levy guides you on a path toward successful conversion design. She shows you how potent UX strategies uses analytics to optimize UX design; demonstrates the use of the Funnel Matrix Tool and its different stages of customer acquisition; details the benefits of using customer landing page experiments in conversion strategies; and discusses the metrics that prove whether or not a customer is progressing into deeper engagement.