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Learning Path: Delivering Applications with Docker

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction 00:01:40
About The Author 00:01:55
Containers 00:03:39
Docker Architecture 00:04:22

Getting Started
Linux Setup 00:02:39
Docker Toolbox (Mac) 00:03:58
Docker Machine 00:03:27
Docker Hub Setup 00:01:14

Docker Containers
Getting Started With Containers 00:03:22
Running Containers 00:03:47
Running Containerized Web Applications 00:04:17
Configuring Containerized Applications 00:02:26
Container Lifecycle 00:03:46
Restart Policy 00:01:42
Debugging Containers 00:03:56

Docker Images
Docker Images 00:03:45
Images On Docker Hub 00:04:32
Building Images 00:04:23
Dockerfile 00:06:14
Web Application Images 00:04:11
Command And Entrypoint 00:04:28
Build Triggers 00:03:03
Publishing 00:02:59

Docker Networking 00:03:55
User Defined Bridge Networks 00:02:36
Docker DNS In User Defined Networks 00:03:08

Data Volumes 00:03:37
Data Volume Containers 00:03:03

Docker Compose
Docker Compose 00:03:45
Composing Services 00:05:34
Building Applications With Docker Compose 00:03:07

Docker Extras
Docker Swarm 00:05:07
Overlay Networks 00:04:31
Kitematic 00:03:00
Logging Drivers 00:04:32
Private Docker Registry 00:03:13

Course Wrap Up
Course Wrap Up 00:04:54

Course Introduction 00:01:55
About The Author 00:00:56
Advantages Of Container-Based Architecture 00:05:27
The Emerging Microservices Architectural Pattern 00:03:57

Deploying Monolithic/Singer-Service Applications
Server Setup, Building & Deploying A Single Application 00:08:02
Local-Development Workflow 00:07:04
Local-Development With A Database 00:04:59
Working With Production Dabases 00:04:57
Backing Up And Restoring Database Data 00:07:46

Continous Deployment With CircleCI
Continuous Testing 00:07:45
Continuous Deployment From A Master Branch 00:05:06
Continuous Deployment For Other Environments 00:11:28

Introduction To Services And Microservices
Why Services And Microservices Can Work So Well 00:14:24
Why Docker Is The Perfect Fit For Microservices 00:04:54
3 Quick Wins Of A Good Microservice 00:02:40
The Journey Of Breaking A Monolith Into Microservices 00:07:32

Service Discovery - The Big "New" Piece
The Role Of Service Discovery In Disposable Infrastructure 00:04:14
Service Registration With Etcd 00:05:12
Service Registration With Consul 00:05:14

Dynamic Architecture/Nodes
Creating A "Swarm" Of Docker Servers 00:10:37
Deploying Applications To Your Swarm 00:05:51
Adding Tags To Control Container Placement 00:06:42
Security Concerns With Docker Swarm 00:10:02

Dynamic Registration & Discovery
Service Discovery Patterns 00:04:26
Getting Our Registry Up And Going 00:05:02
Service Self-Registration 00:05:54
Sidekick Service Registration 00:05:35
Automated Container Registration 00:09:58
Dynamic Load Balancing 00:06:18
Dynamic Load Balancing Code Walkthrough 00:02:59
SSL Termination 00:03:45
Docker Anti-Patterns 00:07:40

Deployment Strategies
Rolling Deployments With Multiple Containers 00:07:10
Red-Black Deployments 00:04:54
Blue-Green Deployments 00:07:01
Multiple-Running-Version Deployments 00:04:01

Wrap-Up And Thank You 00:01:42