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Learning OneNote for the web (Office 365/Microsoft 365)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Getting organized with OneNote for the web

1. Create and Save :
Launching the OneNote app from Microsoft 365
Creating a new OneNote notebook in OneDrive
Creating a new OneNote notebook in MicrosoftTeams
Creating sections and pages
Inserting files on a page
Inserting typed notes
Inserting meeting details your from Outlook calendar
Capturing spoken works with Dictate
Recording audio in OneNote

2. View and Print :
View your feed
Changing the view of a OneNote notebook
Open a page in a new tab
Printing pages
Moving sections and pages
Changing OneNote section tab colors
Searching for notes
Adding tags to notes
Switching to the OneNote desktop app

3. Draw :
Handwriting and highlighting notes

4. Share and Co-edit Notes :
Sharing a OneNote notebook
Viewing note authors and managing page versions
Copying a link to a page or section

5. Access Help :
Getting help with Tell Me
Accessing online resources for OneNote

6. Use the OneNote Mobile App :
Working with the iOS app

7. Pulling It All Together :
Case study: Heather's notebook
Creating section groups
Creating subpages
Creating custom tags in OneNote

Conclusion :
Take more notes with OneNote and other Microsoft 365 apps