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Learn to Use Photoshop CC 2017

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction 00m 58s
About The Author 04m 16s
How To Access Your Working Files 01m 15s
Andy's Top Ten 04m 57s

Getting Started
Introduction 00m 39s
Opening Documents In Photoshop 03m 31s
The Bridge Connection 03m 40s
The Lightroom Connection 03m 47s
The Camera Raw Connection 04m 29s
The New Start Screen 04m 45s

Working In Photoshop
Introduction 00m 53s
The Interface 07m 04s
Handling Single And Multiple Images 04m 49s
Controlling Image Working Size 03m 13s
Photoshop And Screen Modes 03m 09s

Organization And Efficiency
Introduction 01m 01s
Setting Up The Workspace 04m 40s
Controlling Multiple Workspaces 04m 57s
Toolbar Customization 03m 10s
Working With Shortcuts 05m 59s
The Properties Panel 02m 28s
Creating A Photoshop Template 02m 08s
Working With The Search Command 02m 33s

Proper Image Management
Introduction 00m 50s
How File Formats Relate To Destination 08m 49s
How Bit Depth Impacts Color Information 05m 50s
Working In The Correct Color Space 08m 36s
Document Size And Its Relationship To Output 08m 03s
Modifying Image Dimensions 07m 26s
The Amazing History Panel 07m 46s
Tips And Tricks For Saving An Image 06m 29s

Controlling Image Information
Introduction 00m 38s
The Versatile Crop Tool 08m 26s
Correcting The Angle Of An Image 02m 31s
The Best Ways To Crop An Image 03m 12s
Changing The Canvas Size 02m 22s
Working With Content-Aware Crop 03m 49s

Working With Layers
Introduction 00m 56s
The Layers Panel 11m 40s
Manipulating Multiple Layers 05m 42s
Adding Groups To The Layers Panel 04m 07s
Merging And Flattening Layers 04m 09s

Photoshop And Color
Introduction 00m 35s
Color Options 07m 19s
Working With Swatches 09m 35s

Mastering Layer Masks
Introduction 00m 40s
Creating A Layer Mask 08m 18s
Controlling The Mask With Brushes 04m 59s
Using Gradients With Masks 03m 17s

The Name Of The Game Is Selection
Introduction 01m 08s
Marquee Tools 09m 18s
Lasso Tools 08m 50s
Creating A Selection With A Brush 05m 02s
The Select And Mask Option 07m 55s
Selection Hair With Select And Mask 06m 58s
Selection By Focus 05m 27s
Selection By Color 09m 14s

Modifying Image Information
Introduction 00m 49s
The Magical Healing Brush 09m 15s
Working With The Content-Aware Options 04m 12s
The Clone Stamp Tools 10m 53s
Combining Multiple Images 03m 32s

The Magic Of Blending Modes
Introduction 00m 50s
How Blending Modes Work 05m 40s
Using Blending Modes To Correct Image Exposure 05m 11s
Successfully Blending Multiple Images 05m 50s

Working With Smart Objects
Introduction 01m 01s
What Are Smart Objects 05m 11s
Editing Smart Objects In The Library 05m 35s
Editing Smart Objects In A Document 04m 15s
Using Smart Objects With Local Files 06m 03s

Transforming Images
Introduction 00m 55s
Scaling Images 10m 27s
Modifying An Image's Perspective 06m 23s
Working With Puppet Warp 03m 17s

Amazing Adjustment Layers
Introduction 01m 02s
Understanding Adjustment Layers 05m 05s
Using Levels For Contrast Enhancement 06m 32s
Working With Curves To Stabilize Color Information 05m 22s
Working With Image Exposure 04m 18s
Converting An Image Into Black & White 04m 40s
Controlling Adjustments Using Masks 03m 50s

Photoshop Filters
Introduction 00m 58s
Working With Filters Non-Destructively 04m 59s
Working In The Filter Gallery 03m 00s
Correcting Image Focus 08m 55s
Using The Camera Raw Filter 04m 08s
Working With Face Aware In Liquify 04m 04s

Final Thoughts