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Laravel 8 advanced tips and tricks beginner and intermediate

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
The motivation behind the course
How to get the out of most of the course
Let's start !

Eloquent Tips and Tricks :
Remove or renaming timestamps columns
Remove or rename primary keys
Find multiple
Get only what you want
Let's stop using find($id)
Accessors and mutators
Appending data
Casting attributes
Set Pagination per page items
Pivot model
Observe changes
Get changes
Optional helper
Null safe operator
Let's stop using where where where
Replicate data
Need more ?!

Database tips and tricks :
Up and down methods
Renaming table
Adding and dropping columns
Modifying columns
Modifying enum columns
Modifying tables via tinker
Seeding a specific class
Get what you want from pagination
Prepare a new project
Exist tricks
First tricks
With tricks
Order methods parameters
Need more ?

Requests tips and tricks :
show filed not field_id
Exists rule
Custom rule
Some helper methods
Need more ?!

Next steps :
Next stpes