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SOLID Principles in PHP

Single Responsibility :
The most popular of the SOLID design principles, the single responsibility principle dictates that a class should have only one reason to change. To illustrate this a bit more, let's dig into a simple example.

Open-Closed :
Open-Closed? Huh? This is one of those principles that developers often skip over. Don't! These techniques are paramount to mature design.

Liskov Substitution :
Coined by Barbara Liskov, this principle states that any implementation of an abstraction (interface) should be substitutable in any place that the abstraction is accepted.

Interface Segregation :
The Interface Segregation Principle states that a client should never be forced to implement an interface that it doesn’t use. As you'll find, this all comes down to knowledge. Learn what I mean by that in this lesson.

Dependency Inversion :
There's a common misunderstanding that "dependency inversion" is simply another way to say "dependency injection." However, the two are not the same. So let's dive in and figure this out!

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