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PHP 7 Up and Running

Video Introducing this tutorial

Some Vagrant, Some PHP 7 :
Before we can review what's new in PHP 7, we should first get the proper development environment setup. Luckily, Rasmus has done most of the work for us!

Scalar Typehints :
In addition to more complex typehints, in PHP 7, we now have the ability to typehint scalars. Let me show you!

Return Type Declarations :
If you wish, you may now declare return types for your interfaces and methods.

Spaceships :
The "spaceship" operator is definitely confusing at first to understand. Let's review a few examples to figure it out.

The Null Coalesce Operator :
Remember the days of checking whether a variable 'isset', and using the result to respond in one of two ways? Cumbersome would be an understatement! Luckily, with PHP7, the process is much simpler.

Grouped Imports :
While not a huge new feature, you now, if you wish, may group your "use" import statements.

Anonymous Classes :
Much like anonymous functions, in PHP 7, you now have the ability to create anonymous classes. They're definitely not for everything, but you might find some good use-cases from time to time.

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