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Lets Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD

01 Initial Database Setup With Seeding
02 Test Driving Threads
03 A Thread Can Have Replies
04 A User May Response To Threads
05 The Reply Form
06 A User Can Publish Threads
07 Lets Make Some Testing Helpers
08 The Exception Handling Conundrum
09 A Threads Should Be Assigned A Channel
10 How to Test Validation Errors
11 A User Can Filter Threads By Channel
12 Validation Errors and Old Data
13 Extracting to View Composers
14 A User Can Filter Threads By Username
15 A Lesson in Refactoring
16 Meta Information and Pagination
17 A User Can Filter Threads By Popularity
18 A User Can Favorite Any Reply
19 The Favorite Button
20 From 56 Queries Down to Two
21 Global Scopes and Further Query Reduction
22 A User Has A Profile
23 A User Can Delete Their Threads
24 Authorization with Policies
25 How to Construct An Activity Feed with TDD
26 How to Construct An Activity Feed with TDD Part 2
27 Extracting a Controller Query to the Model
28 The Activity Deletion Bug
29 Flash Messaging With Vue
30 Activity Recording Should Include Favoriting
31 Authorized Users Can Delete Replies
32 A Vue Reply Component
33 Ajaxifying the Delete Reply Button
34 A Vue Favorite Component
35 Squashing Bugs
36 Extracting Components With Blade Functionality
37 A New Reply Vue Component
38 Laravel and Vue Pagination
39 A User Can Filter By Unanswered Threads
40 Thread Subscriptions Part 1
41 Thread Subscriptions Part 2
42 Thread Subscriptions Part 3
43 Thread Subscriptions Part 4
44 Test Refactoring
45 Thread Notifications Part 5
46 Refactoring For Better or Worse
47 Notification Fakes In A Nutshell