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Pentatonic Phrasing Masterclass

Video Introducing this tutorial

Michael Wagner returns with his brand new masterclass, where you can learn how to creatively phrase with the pentatonic scale to come up with fresh sounding guitar lines worthy of any pro player!

This masterclass contains over 75 minutes of video lessons taught by Michael explaining and showing you how to use his method for squeezing even more great music out of that familiar old scale, the pentatonic! In combination with an in-depth masterclass PDF document (complete with diagrams), you’ll be covering the subjects of major pentatonics, minor pentatonics, the blue note, building a basic vocabulary, fretboard orientation, the rules of phrasing, call and response, space, chord notes, avoiding the obvious and telling a story with your lines!

After the lessons, Michael has constructed three amazing full solos (it would be worth picking up this masterclass JUST to learn to play these alone!) which put everything into the context of a real-world solo, just like you will when you’ve mastered the concepts! Michael has also included some key licks played fast and slow from each track to help you study them, as well as the main rhythm riff from each track too!

Of course, everything comes with video and audio files, complete TAB/notation for all the tracks/licks and backing tracks for you to practise and solo over too!

So there’s no reason to settle for stale sounding solos when you reach for the pentatonics anymore, because Michael knows how to seriously ROCK them, and very soon you will too! 

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