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Jazz and advanced Fusion music can be intimidating at times, which can sometimes keep the genres out of reach for players that are earlier in their development. Well, that no longer needs to be the case because Luca has created a masterclass that will demystify the infamous 2-5-1 chord progression that is so abundantly found in Jazz and Fusion music! You'll be playing over it yourself in no time!

This is the first part of a three volume series! Whether you're new to the the 2-5-1 or if you're already familiar but looking for a refresh or a new perspective, then now is the time to pick up this volume give you all the fundamentals you'll need for the intermediate and advanced ones to come!

Luca’s masterclass PDF serves as the core lesson material. This is where he breaks down the walls between you and the jazz theory and teaches you everything you need to know to tackle the material you’ll be covering. Concepts like major and minor 2-5-1’s and the diatonic chords they come from and using the superlocrian scale in 5-1 resolution cadences! All of this will finally be within your reach, and no longer hoarded by the jazz elites!

Supporting the lesson are 81 (yes, eighty one!) accessible exercises taking you through all the scale shapes you’ll need, how to switch between them on the fly and how to use tension and release over the 2-5-1 so you can resolve all your lines like a pro and sound like you know what you’re doing - because you soon will!

Once you’ve got it all down, Luca has given you 10 creative and highly musical licks, along with a full length solo that all use the 2-5-1 concepts in context! These serve as key vocabulary and learning material, so that you have everything you'll need when it comes the time to play your own solos!

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. There are video and audio tracks for you to watch/listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master, and backing tracks for everything!

So if you’ve been looking for a route towards the more jazzier side of fusion music then this is going to be essential learning material that will set you up perfectly for the future!

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