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Jira: Advanced Administration

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Administration in Jira
Who is this for?
What do you need?

1. Configuration Options :
Global configuration overview
Using global permissions
Customizing the interface
Enabling and disabling email
Challenge: General configuration options
Solution: General configuration options

2. Using Schemes :
Types of schemes
Scheme hierarchy
Sharing schemes between projects
Challenge: Scheme review
Solution: Scheme review

3. Creating Custom Schemes :
Use and create custom issue types
Use and create custom workflows
Use and create custom screens
Use and create custom fields
Challenge: Create a project template
Solution: Create a project template

4. Managing Project Settings :
Use and create versions
Use and create components
Working with users
Challenge: Create components
Solution: Create components

5. Working with Groups and Roles :
Leveraging project roles
Working with groups
Using groups and roles in schemes
Challenge: Create a read-only role
Solution: Create a read-only role

6. Restricting and Sharing Information :
Use and create permissions
Use and create issue security
Use and create notifications
Challenge: Create read-only permissions
Solution: Create read-only permissions

7. Extending Jira :
Use and vet apps
Create connections
Create integrations
Challenge: Connect Jira to Confluence
Solution: Connect Jira to Confluence

8. Advanced Features :
Import data
Create issues from email
Use an issue collector
Use automation
Challenge: Create an issue collector
Solution: Create an issue collector

Conclusion :
Next steps