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IOS14 and Swift5 The Complete IOS App Development Course

Video Introducing this tutorial
01-course intro
02-xcode preview
03-how to create variables
04-strings and ints
05-comments and print
06-how to design
08-action handling
09-conditional statements
11-swift how to make math operations
12-swift floats vs doubles
13-different ui elements
14-reach data from ui
15-ui actions
16-swift logic and booleans
17-app introduction
18-swift listing data structure arrays
19-listing data on ios
20-how to list data on tableview
21-create tableview data
22-route to another screen
23-data transfer between screens
24-country detail screen
25-swift for in loop
26-swift functions
27-swift take data from a function
28-swift classes
29-swift class methods
30-swift build class hierarchy
31-refactor countrylist
32-swift optionals
33-reorganize countrlist app
34-app preview
35-create and design the app
36-connect code and visual side
37-show blog entries in tableview
38-how to save data
39-how to reach data from coredata
40-blog entry detail
41-automatic function calls
42-design issues
43-design list items