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iOS 14 and iPadOS: iPhone and iPad Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Get to know iOS 14 in depth on your iPhone or iPad

1. The Basics :
Customize the Home Screen and adding widgets
Launching apps
Use Control Center
Customize Control Center
Work with notifications
Use the App Switcher
Use the iPad Dock
iPad multitasking
Split a single app in iPadOS
Finding apps on the App Store

2. Typing Essentials :
Predictive text and QuickPath typing
Select and modify text
Keyboard features only in iPadOS
Understand keyboard settings
Use Scribble on iPadOS

3. File and Storage Management :
Sync music from your computer
Sync photos, contacts, and calendars from your computer
Understand your backup options
Files app
Use external storage devices
Storage management options

4. FaceTime and Messaging :
Make video calls with FaceTime
Make group FaceTime calls
Text with iMessage
Manage messages
Manage group chats
Send and receive money with Apple Cash

5. Work with Email :
Set up email accounts
Receiving email
Add and mark up attachments
Customize email signatures

6. Surfing the Web :
Quick Safari settings
Manage bookmarks, history, and favorites
Download manager
Complete forms with AutoFill

7. Using the Music App :
Browse your library and Apple Music
Play and control music

8. Screenshots and Screen Recording :
Take screenshots
Screen recording

9. Using Maps :
Find addresses and nearby businesses
Get directions

10. Managing Your Schedule :
View and search your calendar
Add events to your calendar
Set reminders

11. Other Built-in Apps :
Use Apple Pay

12. Important Settings :
Airplane Mode
Do Not Disturb

13. Protecting Your Device and Yourself :
Configure Auto-Lock
Use Find My iPhone
Emergency SOS
Dark Mode
Use Face ID while wearing a mask

14. Siri and Your Personal Assistant :
Siri settings
Basic Siri commands
Listen and respond to messages
Dictate in apps
Use Hey Siri

15. Troubleshooting :
Begin by restarting
Force apps to quit
Reset network settings
Erase and restore

Conclusion :
Next steps