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Introduction to MySQL

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome To The Course 00:04:40
About The Author 00:02:04
How To Access Your Working Files 00:01:15

Creating A Database
What Is A Relational Database? 00:08:13
What Is MySQL? 00:06:57
Installing A Local Implementation Of MySQL 00:06:10
Creating And Removing Tables 00:08:17
Data Types 00:05:32
What Is A Primary Key? 00:05:28
Creating Indexes 00:06:08
Modifying Table Structures 00:03:22
Adding Data To A Table 00:03:05
Changing Data In A Table 00:05:47
Removing Data From A Table 00:03:24

Querying Data From A Database
Retrieving Data From A Table 00:02:50
Restricting Rows With The Where Clause 00:03:17
Using Mathematical And Text Expressions 00:04:45
Sorting Results 00:04:28
Comparison Operators 00:02:41
Logical Operators 00:06:30
Dealing With Null Values 00:02:43
What Is A Foreign Key? 00:03:55
Joins With The Using Clause 00:05:33
Joins With The On Clause 00:03:51

Using Functions And Summarizing Data
Aggregate Functions 00:07:29
Single Row Functions 00:09:13
Using The Group By Clause 00:03:54
Using The Having Clause 00:02:24

Advanced Database Queries
Many To Many Relationships 00:07:36
Join Multiple Tables With The Using Clause 00:05:51
Join Multiple Tables With The On Clause 00:03:11
Eliminating Duplicate Rows From The Results 00:03:57
Using The Like Operator For Pattern Matching 00:04:34
Using The In Operator 00:02:08
How Subqueries Work 00:04:56
Subqueries With The In Operator 00:05:27
Creating And Using Views 00:07:44
Combining SQL Results 00:03:55

Legacy SQL Techniques 00:06:38
Wrap Up And Thank You 00:03:32