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Installation Storage and Compute with Windows Server 2016 – Exam 70-740 Certification Training

Welcome To The Course 00:00:44
About The Author 00:01:02

Windows Server 2016 Basics
Module Introduction 00:00:37
History Of Windows Server 00:05:32
Windows Server 2016 SKU's 00:06:23
Understanding Installation Modes 00:07:16
Deploying Windows Server 2016 Using Install Media 00:07:02
Overview Of Server Manager 00:05:31
Adding Roles And Features Using Server Manager 00:05:42
Adding Roles And Features Using Powershell 00:06:43
Adding Roles And Features Using Dism (Including Offline Configurations) 00:02:29
Discovery Current OS Instances With Microsoft Assessment And Planning Toolkit 00:05:36
Performing An Upgrade To Windows Server 2016 00:06:15
Upgrading A Cluster To Windows Server 2016 00:03:28
Perform Offline Image Maintenance 00:03:09
Monitoring Windows Server With Performance Monitor And Resource Monitor 00:10:10
Patching Windows Server 00:07:55
Deploying Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) 00:11:52
Managing WSUS 00:11:23
Deploy And Manage Windows Defender 00:04:06
Integrate Windows Defender With WSUS And Windows Update 00:01:32
Backup Windows Server 00:04:46

Module Introduction 00:00:33
Understanding Activation Options For Windows Server 2016 00:03:57
Deploying A KMS Server Part - 1 00:05:56
Deploying A KMS Server Part - 2 00:04:14
Deploying Active Directory Based Activation 00:04:11
Using Automatic Virtual Machine Activation 00:03:13
Picking An Activation Method 00:02:06

Managing Windows Server 2016 With Powershell
Module Introduction 00:00:29
Overview Of Powershell 00:06:59
Powershell Versions 00:04:59
Configuring The Powershell Environment 00:06:50
Using Powershell Help 00:02:23
Remote Management With Powershell 00:06:58
Creating Scripts With Powershell 00:06:53
Maintain Images With Powershell 00:06:41
Understanding Powershell Desired State Configuration 00:05:39
Using Desired State Configuration 00:07:30

Nano Server
Module Introduction 00:00:23
Overview Of Nano Server 00:07:07
Roles And Features In Nano Server 00:03:57
Creating A Nano Server Image With Powershell 00:08:19
Creating A Nano Server Image With Image Builder 00:04:15
Patching Nano Server 00:05:57
Managing Nano Server Options 00:06:37

Storage In Windows Server 2016
Module Introduction 00:00:19
Review Of Storage In Windows Server 2016 00:03:45
Disks, Volumes And Partitions 00:05:48
Understanding The Differences Between NTFS And ReFS 00:05:19
Managing Permissions With GUI And Powershell 00:07:20
Overview Of VHD And VHDX 00:06:17
Resizing VHDX Files 00:01:51
Overview Of SMB 3.0 00:04:50
Creating An SMB Share 00:03:55
Creating An NFS Share 00:02:10
Deploying An iSCSI Server 00:05:44
Understanding And Using MPIO 00:02:14
Using Data Deduplication 00:05:00
Planning Backup And Recovery 00:03:29

Advanced Storage In Windows Server 2016
Module Introduction 00:00:37
Overview Of Storage Replica 00:06:29
Deploying And Using Storage Replica 00:08:00
Overview Of Storage Spaces Direct 00:06:04
Deploying Storage Spaces Direct 00:05:04
Using Storage Spaces Direct And Storage Replica Together 00:01:03

Module Introduction 00:00:30
Overview Of Virtualization 00:07:40
Overview Of Hyper-V 00:05:14
Installing Hyper-V 00:05:31
Deploying A VM 00:03:59
Configuring Nested Virtualization 00:02:56
Understanding The Difference Between Generation 1 And Generation 2 VMs 00:04:53
Upgrade VMs To Version 8 00:02:18
Using Secure Boot 00:01:06
Overview Of Dynamic Memory 00:08:19
Using Hot Add/Remove Of Memory 00:02:14
Understanding NUMA 00:03:09
Using Linux Instances With Hyper-V 00:01:14
Using Hyper-V Virtual Switches And vmNICs 00:04:25
Using Hot Add/Remove Of vmNICs 00:01:24
Using VMQ, vRSS And VMMQ 00:08:48
Using VM Network Resiliency 00:01:33
Using Virtual Fiber Channel 00:03:58
Using Checkpoints And Production Checkpoints 00:05:08
Import And Export Of VMs 00:02:43
Configure Storage QoS And Network QoS 00:02:48
Configuring Live Migration 00:06:59
Overview Of Hyper-V Replica 00:05:45
Deploying Hyper-V Replica 00:05:25
Using Hyper-V Replica With Azure 00:03:15
Using NIC Teaming 00:03:06
Using Switch Embedded Teaming 00:02:38
Overview Of Discrete Device Assignment 00:02:41
Managing Hyper-V With Powershell 00:04:30
Using Powershell Direct 00:02:40

Module Introduction 00:00:23
Overview Of Containers And Docker 00:06:02
Installing Containers 00:02:06
Downloading Images 00:03:12
Creating A Dockerfile 00:02:55
Creating A Container 00:04:47
Understanding Container Networking 00:03:54
Using Hyper-V Containers 00:05:04
Overview Of Dockerhub 00:02:54

High Availability
Module Introduction 00:00:21
Overview Of High Availability 00:02:44
Understanding Quorum 00:05:06
Review Of Quorum Resource - Witness Types 00:04:51
Changing Quorum For Cluster 00:02:34
Overview Of Site-Awareness And Node Fairness 00:07:31
Installing Failover Clustering Feature 00:04:06
Creating Cluster Roles 00:01:38
Draining Roles From Nodes 00:01:37
Overview Of Cluster Shared Volumes 00:03:24
Using Cluster Shared Volumes 00:02:08
Overview Of Scale-Out File Server 00:03:59
Creating A Scale-Out File Server 00:03:24
Using VHD Sets For Guest Clustering 00:06:25
Overview Of Storage And Network Resiliency 00:04:17
Configuration Of The Node Isolation And Quarantine Settings 00:02:24
Overview Of Network Load Balancing 00:02:18
Deploying Network Load Balancing 00:05:36

Wrap Up And Thank You 00:01:21