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Vagrant Fundamentals for Network Engineers

Vagrant Fundamentals
Overview :
Benefits of Vagrant
How Vagrant Works

Getting Started :
Setting Up VirtualBox
Setting Up Vagrant
Common CLI Commands
Launching a VM
Comparison to Manual Steps

Vagrantfile :
Vagrantfile Basics
Vagrantfile Provisioning

Networking :
Networking Forwarded Ports
Networking Host Only
Networking Bridged

Synced Folders :
Synced Folders Default
Synced Folders NFS

Boxes :
Custom Boxes

Multiple VMs :
Multiple VMs

Vagrant Provisioners
Shell Provisioning :
Shell Scripting Overview
Shell Provisioning Example

Puppet Provisioning :
Puppet Overview
Puppet Example

Ansible Provisioning :
Ansible Overview
Ansible Example

Salt Provisioning :
Salt Overview
Salt + Vagrant Specifics
Salt Example

Alternate Virtualization Providers
KVM Setup
KVM Example

EC-2 :
EC-2 Basics

EC-3 :
EC-2 Common Issues

VMware Fusion :
VMWare Fusion