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Routing Technologies for Professionals


Introduction to IP Routing:
IP Routing
Static Routing

Routing Information Protocol (RIP), Summarization & Filtering:
Routing Protocols: RIPv2
Route Summarization
RIPv2 Summarization
Route Filtering
Prefix Lists
Route Maps
RIPv2 Route Filtering
Routing Protocols: RIPng

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP):
Routing Protocols: EIGRP
EIGRP Named Mode
EIGRP Load Balancing
EIGRP Queries
EIGRP Summarization
EIGRP Route Filtering
Routing Protocols: EIGRPv6
EIGRPv6 Summarization & Filtering

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF):
Routing Protocols: OSPF
OSPF Network Types
OSPF LSA Overview & Intra-Area LSAs
OSPF Inter-Area LSAs
OSPF External LSAs
OSPF Areas
Stub Area, Totally Stubby Area
NSSA, Totally NSSA
OSPF Virtual Link
OSPF Route Filtering
OSPF Summarization
Routing Protocols: OSPFv3
OSPFv3 Address Families
OSPFv3 Route Filtering & Summarization

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP):
Routing Protocols: BGP
BGP Messages & States
BGP Session Setup
BGP Next-Hop Processing
The BGP Table
BGP Path Selection
BGP Attributes: Weight, Local Preference
BGP Attributes: AS PATH, MED
BGP Peer Groups
BGP Route Filtering
BGP Summarization
BGP for IPv6

Routing Protocol Security:
Routing Protocol Authentication
Implementing Routing Protocol Authentication

Advanced Routing Concepts:
Route Redistribution
Advanced Route Redistribution
Traffic Engineering
Policy-Based Routing

Routing Virtualization:
VRF Lite
Easy Virtual Network (EVN)

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