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CCNP Service Provider Technology Course: 642-883 SPROUTE

Video Introducing this tutorial

IP Basics
IP Basics
IP Subnet Masks abd Subnetting
IPv6 Address and Address Structure
IPv6 Address Types and ICMPv6

Protocol Independent
IP Routing and How a Router Operations Work
P2P and Broadcast Interface Operations
Default and Floating Static Routes
Recursive Lookups
Static VRF Routes

OSPF Introduction
OSPF How it Works
OSPF Areas
OSPF Forming Adjacencies
OSPF Multi-Area Configuration with Redistributed Routes
OSPF Adjacency Debugged
OSPF Database
OSPF Cost Manipulation
OSPF DR-BDR Election
OSPF Media Dependencies and Network Types
OSPF Virtual Links
OSPF Hello and Dead Timers, OSPF Process Level Timers, Verifying Timers
OSPF Stub and Stub No Summary
OSPF NSSA and Totally NSSA
OSPF Authentication with Clear Text and MD5
OSPFv3 Encryption, Virtual Link Authentication and Troubleshooting
OSPF Route Filtering :: Part 1
OSPF Route Filtering :: Part 2
OSPF Summarization
OSPF Path Selection
OSPF High Availability

ISIS Overview
ISIS Levels and Roles
ISIS Addressing
ISIS Adjacencies
ISIS Configuration
ISIS SPF Calculation
ISIS Network Types
ISIS IS-Type and Circuit Type
ISIS Metric
ISIS Timers
ISIS Route Leaking
ISIS Redistribution Theory
ISIS Summarization
ISIS Authentication

BGP in the Service Provider Network
BGP Routing Overview :: Part 1
BGP Routing Overview :: Part 2
BGP Operations - ASNs
BGP Peerings
EBGP Single Home Connectivity
EBGP Multihop and Disable Connected Check
Multi Home Connectivity
Basic iBGP Peerings
Advertising BGP Routes
BGP Next Hop
BGP Authentication
BGP Timers
BGP Neighbor Reset and Administrative Shutdown
Monitoring BGP
BGP Best Path Selection
BGP Path Selection - Weight
BGP Path Selection :: Local Preference
BGP Path Selection :: AS Path Prepending
BGP Path Selection :: MED
BGP Path Selection - Communities :: Part 1
BGP Path Selection - Communities :: Part 2

Route Manipulation
Route Filtering
Filtering Mechanisms
Route Maps and RPL
Routing Policy Language
Configuring Route-maps, Route Modification with Match and Set Statements
Configuring Routing Policy Languages, Route Modification with Local Pref and AS Path Prepends

Redistribution :: Overview
Redistribution :: RIPv2 and EIGRP to OSPF Mutual Redistribution
Redistribution :: RIPv2 and EIGRP to ISIS Mutual Redistribution