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CCIE Routing & Switching v5.1 Advanced Technologies

2.CCIE RSv4 to v5 Changes
3.CCIE Preparation Resources & Strategy
4.LAN Switching Introduction
5.VLANs & Trunking
6.VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)
7.VTP Version 3
9.Layer 2 EtherChannel Configuration
10.Layer 3 EtherChannel Configuration
11.Spanning-Tree Protocol
12.Optional Spanning-Tree Features
13.Rapid Spanning-Tree Protocol
14.Multiple Spanning-Tree Protocol
15.WAN Circuits
16.PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)
17.IPv4 Routing
18.Policy Based Routing
19.IP SLA & Enhanced Object Tracking
20.GRE & IP in IP Tunneling
21.RIPv2 Overview
22.RIPv2 Authentication
23.RIPv2 Summarization
24.RIPv2 Default Routing
25.RIPv2 Commands
26.RIPv2 Route Filtering
27.Classic EIGRP
28.EIGRP Named Mode
29.EIGRP Classic Metric Calculation
30.EIGRP Wide Metrics
31.EIGRP Traffic Engineering & Unequal Cost Load Balancing
32.EIGRP Classic Authentication
33.EIGRP Automatic Key Rotation
34.EIGRP Named Mode Authentication
35.EIGRP Summarization
36.EIGRP Traffic Engineering with Summarization
38.EIGRP Stub Routing
39.EIGRP Route Filtering
40.Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Protocol & Operation Overview
41.OSPF Single Area Configuration
42.Troubleshooting OSPF Adjacencies
43.OSPF Areas and LSAs
44.OSPF Media Dependencies & Network Types
45.Configuring OSPF Network Types
46.OSPF Virtual Links
47.OSPF Stub Areas
48.Configuring OSPF Stub Areas
49.Traffic Engineering with OSPF Stub Areas
50.Configuring OSPF Not So Stubby Areas (NSSA)
51.Controlling NSSA Redistribution
52.Default Routing with OSPF NSSA
53.OSPF NSSA Translator Election & Forwarding Address
54.OSPF Path Selection
55.OSPF Authentication
56.OSPF Authentication Enhancements
57.OSPF Summarization Overview
58.Configuring OSPF Summarization
59.OSPF Route Filtering
60.IPv4 Route Redistribution Overview
61.Basic Redistribution Examples
62.Why Routing Loops Occur
63.Preventing Routing Loops Feedback
64.Redistribution Case #1
65.Redistribution Case #2
66.Redistribution Case #3
67.BGP Overview
68.Basic BGP Operations
69.iBGP vs. EBGP Peering Rules
70.iBGP Full Mesh
71.iBGP Scaling Techniques
72.Configuring BGP Route Reflectors
73.Configuring BGP Confederations
74.BGP Next Hop Processing
75.BGP NLRI Origination
76.BGP Bestpath Selection
77.BGP Traffic Engineering with Weight & Local Preference
78.BGP Traffic Engineering with AS-Path & MED
79.BGP Traffic Engineering with Communities
80.BGP Aggregation
81.BGP Traffic Engineering with Aggregation
82.BGP Communities
83.BGP Filtering
84.Routing Protocol Convergence Optimization Overview
85.Routing Protocol Failure Detection
86.Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)
87.Routing Protocol Event Propagation Optimization
89.IPv6 Addressing Overview
90.IPv6 Routing Overview
91.IPv6 over DMVPN
94.IPv6 BGP
95.IPv6 over MPLS
101.Bootstrap Router (BSR)
102.Anycast RP and MSDP
103.Source Specific Multicast
104.Bidirectional PIM (Bidir)
105.Multicast BGP
106.Layer 2 Multicast
96.IPv4 Multicast Overview
97.PIM Dense Mode
98.PIM Sparse Mode
99.Troubleshooting Multicast RPF Failures
107.Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) Overview
108.Basic DMVPN Configuration
109.DMVPN Phase 1,2 & 3
110.DMVPN Phase 1 Configuration
111.Routing protocols over DMVPN Phase 1 Part 1
112.Routing protocols over DMVPN Phase 1 Part 2
113.DMVPN Phase 2 Configuration
114.Routing protocols over DMVPN Phase 2
115.DMVPN Phase 3 Configuration
116.IPsec VPN Overview
117.IPsec VPN Configuration with Crypto Maps
118.IPsec Verification & Troubleshooting
119.GRE over IPsec
120.IPsec Virtual Tunnel Interfaces (VTI)
121.IPsec over DMVPN
122.BGP Tunneling - The MPLS Use Case
123.MPLS Overview
124.Label Distribution Protocol (LDP)
125.Virtual Routing & Forwarding Instances
126.MPLS Layer 3 VPN Overview
127.MPLS Layer 3 VPN Configuration
128.MPLS Layer 3 VPN Verification
129.MPLS Layer 3 VPN Troubleshooting
130.MPLS Layer 3 VPN Troubleshooting Part 2
131.MPLS Layer 3 VPN PE-CE Routing with RIPv2
132.MPLS Layer 3 VPN PE-CE Routing with EIGRP
133.MPLS Layer 3 VPN PE-CE Routing with OSPF
134.MPLS Layer 3 VPN PE-CE Routing with BGP
135.BGP Multipath for MPLS Layer 3 VPN
136.BGP Prefix Independent Convergence (PIC Edge)
137.QoS Overview
138.Hierarchical Queueing
139.Classification & Marking
140.Congestion Management
141.Congestion Avoidance
142.Traffic Shaping
143.Traffic Policing
144.Per-Tunnel QoS for DMVPN
145.IOS Device Access Security
146.Control Plane Policing & Protection
147.Data Plane Security
148.Catalyst Port Based Traffic Control
149.Private VLANs
150.DHCP Snooping, Dynamic ARP Inspection, & IP Source Guard
151.IPv6 First Hop Security
152.First Hop Redundancy Protocols
153.Network Address Translation (NAT)
154.DHCP & DNS