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Blue Team Training – Cyber Security and Incident Response

Video Introducing this tutorial

01.How to secure your SSH & FTP servers - Port Knocking
02.How to detect and Identify Email Phishing attacks - Real Scenario
03.How to create KeyLogger - Detection and Analysis
04.Security onion training - How to use snort IDS and Sguil
05.Security Onion Training - How to detect Advanced persistent Threat
06.Security Onion Training - How to detect Malwares in your Network
07.Security Onion Training - How to Detect DNS fast fluxing domains
08.Trape People tracker - Phishing campaigns for Pentesting
09.How to tell if your Facebook info was shared with Cambridge analytica
10.Network Pivoting - Post exploitation Attacks ( Analougepond Vulnhub )
11.Scanning Malicious office files - Reverse Engineering
12.PaloAlto Networks Firewall - Blocking Facebook and Bittorrent
12.PaloAlto Networks Firewall - Blocking Facebook and Bittorrent_2
14.IPsec Server Policies - IPsec For FTP traffic
15.How to Detect and Take Down Botnets - Prevent DDOS attacks
16.Protect and Defend Against CSRF Attack - OWASP Top 10
17.Cookie Security Via httponly and secure Flag - OWASP
18.Insecure Direct Object Reference Vulnerability - OWASP