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Microsoft 70-432 TS: SQL Server 2008, Implementation And Maintenance-Lesson

Module 1: Installing Microsoft SQL Server :
Installing Microsoft SQL Server-Part 1
Installing Microsoft SQL Server-Part 2
Choosing A Collation Setting
Installing Microsoft SQL Server Demo

Module 2: Navigating SQL Server :
Navigating SQL Server
Management Studio Demo
SQL Server Configuration Manager
SQL Server Configuration Manager Demo

Module 3: Data Types :
Data Types

Module 4: Databases :
Creating A Database
Creating A Database Demo

Module 5: Tables :
Sparse Columns
Creating A Table Demo

Module 6: Views :
Creating A View Demo

Module 7: Constraints :
Creating A Contsraint Demo

Module 8: Store Procedures :
Store Procedures
Common Language Runtime
Store Procedures Demo

Module 9: Functions :
Three Function Types
Functions Demo

Module 10: Service Broker :
Service Broker
Using Service Broker

Module 11: Data Integrity :
Data Integrity
Planning And Education (demo to be recorded) 00:14:23

Module 12: Permissions :

Module 13: Logins, Roles, and Credentials :
Logins And Roles
More Roles And Credentials
Users And Roles Demo
Assigning A Role Demo

Module 14: Additional Security Tools :
Additional Security Tools
Some Security Tools Demo

Module 15: Backing Up and Restoring Databases :
Restoring Databases
Backups Demo

Module 16: Endpoints :
Endpoints Demo

Module 17: Linking Servers :
Linking Servers

Module 18: Triggers :
Triggers-Part 1
Triggers-Part 2
Triggers Demo

Module 19: Replication :
Replication Coverage-Part 1
Replication Coverage-Part 2
Replication Demo

Module 20: Performing Indexing and Full-Text Searching :
SQL Searching
Searching And Indexing In SQL Demo

Module 21: Transactions and Locks :
Locks Demo

Module 22: Moving Data :
Moving Data

Module 23: Handling Specialty Data :
Handling Specialty Data
XML Demo 00:03:51

Module 24: High-Availability Methods :
High-Availability-Part 1
High-Availability-Part 2
Creating A Snapshot Demo

Module 25: Maintaining and Automating a SQL Server :
Maintaining And Automating A SQL Server-Part 1
Maintaining And Automating A SQL Server-Part 2
Setting Up A SQL Email Demo

Module 26: Monitoring and Optimizing SQL Server :
Monitoring And Optimizing SQL Server
Monitoring And Optimizing SQL Server Demo

Module 27: SQL Server Management Tools :
SQL Server ManagementTools-Part 1
SQL Server ManagementTools-Part 2

Module 28: Troubleshooting Techniques :
TroubleshootingTechniques-Part 1
TroubleshootingTechniques-Part 2
Troubleshooting Utilities Demo

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