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Microsoft 70-416 Implementing Desktop Application Environment

Video Introducing this tutorial

Module 1 :
Implementing Desktop Application Environments
Instructor Introduction
Course Objectives
Course Overview
Audience Profiles
Certification Overview
Microsoft Website Part1
Microsoft Website Part2
Chapter Review

Module 2 :
Windows Desktop Application
Lab Setup
Presentation Layout
Servers and Client

Module 3 :
Distribution Strategies
Applications are Everything Part1
Applications are Everything Part2
Basic Network Part1
Basic Network Part2
Deployment and Operations Infrastructure
Planned Server Topology
VOIP Infrastructure
Network Topology
User Office
Distribution Strategy
Designing an Application Distribution Strategy
Chapter Review

Module 4 :
Presentation vs. App-V
Thin Client
Application Virtualization (App-V)
Virtualization Basics
App-V Desktop
MAP Toolkit Part1
MAP Toolkit Part2
Chapter Review

Module 5 :
Designing Upgrade/Update Scenarios
Application Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Update/Upgrade Part1
Update/Upgrade Part2
Configure WSUS Windows Server Update Services
Upgrade Considerations
Supersedence Part1
Supersedence Part2
Chapter Review

Module 6 :
Application Compatibility
OS Migration
Windows Tools
ACT 6.0
Hyper-V and App-V
Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) Part1
Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) Part2
Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) Part3
Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) Part4
Chapter Review

Module 7 :
Deploy with Group Policy Objects (GPO)
GPO Deployment
Assign and Publish
Pros vs. Cons
Application Deployment with Group Policy Part1
Application Deployment with Group Policy Part2
Application Deployment with Group Policy Part3
Chapter Review

Module 8 :
Deploy with Intune
Intune Deployment
Intune Client
Intune Demo Part1
Intune Demo Part2
Intune Demo Part3
Intune Demo Part4
Intune Demo Part5
Chapter Review

Module 9 :
Deploy with SCCM 2012
System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
Software Deployment
Asset Intelligence
Software Application
App vs. Package
SCCM Demo Part1
SCCM Demo Part2
SCCM Demo Part3
SCCM Demo Part4
Chapter Review

Module 10 :
Self-Service Deployment
Self-Service Basics
Self-Service Benefits
Self-Service with SCCM 2012
Service Manger 2012
Self Service User Portal Part1
Self Service User Portal Part2
Self Service User Portal Part3
Self Service User Portal Part4
Self Service User Portal Part5
Chapter Review

Module 11 :
Presentation Infrastructure
Presentation Virtualization
Usage Consideration
RD Session Host
Remote Desktop (RD) Gateway
Creating a Presentation Infrastructure Part1
Creating a Presentation Infrastructure Part2
Chapter Review

Module 12 :
Presentation Configuration
Presentation Types
Session Collection
Publish App
Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Deployment Part1
Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Deployment Part2
Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Deployment Part3
Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Deployment Part4
Chapter Review

Module 13 :
App-V Infrastructure
App-V Overview
Basic App-V 5.0
Publishing Server
Management Server and DB
Management Console
Management Database
Reporting Server DB
Client App-V
Client App-V
Preparing for App-V Development Part1
Preparing for App-V Development Part2
Preparing for App-V Development Part3
Preparing for App-V Development Part4
Chapter Review

Module 14 :
App-V Sequencing and Deployment
Sequencer Steps
Deploy App
Online vs. Offline
App-V Sequencer Part1
App-V Sequencer Part2
App-V Sequencer Part3
App-V Sequencer Part4
Chapter Review

Module 15 :
Application Security
Security 101
Endpoint Protection (FEP) Part1
Endpoint Protection (FEP) Part2
Data Execution Prevention (DEP)
User Account Control (UAC)
AppLocker Demo
Chapter Review

Module 16 :
Application Updates
Updating Applications Part1
Updating Applications Part2
Evaluating Updates
Testing Updates
Test and Deploy
Deploying an Application Update using SCCM Part1
Deploying an Application Update using SCCM Part2
Chapter Review

Module 17 :
Upgrade and Supersedence
Upgrade Basics
Upgrade Considerations
Upgrade Specifics Part1
Upgrade Specifics Part2
SCCM 2012 Part1
SCCM 2012 Part2
SCCM 2012 Part3
SCCM Library Part1
SCCM Library Part2
SCCM Library Part3
SCCM Library Part4
Chapter Review

Module 18 :
Monitoring Deployment
Monitoring Basics
Business Needs
IT Operations
Operations Manager
Asset Intelligence & System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) Part1
Asset Intelligence & System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) Part2
Asset Intelligence & System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) Part3
Chapter Review

Chapter19 :
Certification and Review
Certification Overview
Microsoft Blogs and Forum

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