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CompTIA Healthcare IT

Video Introducing this tutorial

HCIT - Introduction :
Course Introduction

Introducing IT Healthcare :
Introducting IT Healthcare
What is Healthcare IT
Types of Healthcare Facilities
Hospital Patient Flow
Healthcare IT Goals
Healthcare Website Tour
CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Exam

Support Flow :
Introducing Data Flow In HIT
Support Flow
Getting To Know Information Systems
Hospital Information System Primary Functions
Master Patient Index
Message Types and Interface Functions
Admitted-Discharged-Transferred Messages
Perioperative Information System
Pharmacy Information System
Radiology Information Systems
Lab Information Systems
Emergency Department Information Systems

Regulatory Requirements :
Regulatory Requirements
Agencies Governing Healthcare
Operating Divisions Of The HHS
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
Office of the National Coordinator (ONC)
Office of Civil Rights and NIST
Healthcare Programs and e-PHI
Healthcare Laws
HIPAA Controls-Compliance and Penalties
Legal Best Practices and Documentation
Health and Human Services Website (
Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Website (
HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules

Organizational Behavior :
Organizational Behavior
Handling Protected Health Information (PHI)
Physical and Technical Safeguards
Applying Proper Communication Methods
PBX and VoIP Infrastructure
Technical Roles and Responsibilities Part1
Technical Roles and Responsibilities Part2
Role-Based Access and Exceptions
Organizational Structures and Methods of Operation
Private Practices and Other Facilities
Executing Dailey Activities and IT Functions
HIT Etiquette in the Hospital
Room Consideration Requirements and Protections Privacy and Security Game

IT Operations :
IT Operations
Internet and Intranet Concepts
OSI Model and TCP/IP
Data Link and Physical Layers
Transport and Network Layers
Wi-Fi Standards
Network Servers and Single Sign On
Cloud Computing and Virtualization
Programming Languages
WLAN Topologies
Routing-Port Forwarding and DHCP
Client IP Configuration
Switches and Internet Modems
Network Tools
Healthcare Power Outlets
EHR and EMR Information Systems
Issues to Consider
Deploying Workstations
OS Updates and Troubleshooting Devices
Change Management Documentation
Peripheral Devices and Removable Storage
Troubleshooting Tools and Utilities Demonstration

Medical Business Operations :
Medical Business Operations
Medical Terms-Imaging and Testing
Controlled Substance Schedules
Trauma Center Qualifications
Medical Imaging Terms and Testing
Inpatient Medical Departments
Outpatient Medical Departments
Clinical Operations and Tools
Medical Software Terms and Functions
Imaging Formats and Standards
Change Control and Support Requests
System and Interface Messaging
Typical Interface Issues
Electronic Health Record Solutions Demonstration

HIT Security :
HIT Security
Security Challenges
Access Control and Permissions
Physical Security and Device Location
Physical Security Access
Environmental Security
Password Guidelines
Encryption Types and Utilities
Secure Communications
Storage Encryption Goals
Storage Types and Architectures
Securing Wireless Networks
Backup Security
Remote Access Options
PHI Disposal
Course Closing

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