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How to Create a WordPress Blog from Scratch with the Divi Theme

Video Introducing this tutorial
1. Class Introduction
2. Buying a Domain
3. Finding a Webhosting Provider and Installing WordPress
4. Connecting your Domain with your Webhosting
5. Initial WordPress Clean up
6. Welcome to your own WordPress Dashboard
7. Adjusting the General WordPress Settings
8. Setting up your Site Identity Details
9. Enabling the Coming Soon Mode
10. Hacking and Hijacking Prevention
11. Backup Functionality
12. Email Security
13. Spam Protection
14. Setting up a Simple Update Management
15. What is the Divi Theme
16. Getting your Divi License and Installing the Divi Theme on WordPress
17. Installing and activating a Child Theme
18. Setting your API Key
19. Checking the Divi System Status
20. Understanding the Different Parts of your Website
21. Outlining and Setting the Basic Structure of your Blog
22. Setting up your Website Header
23. Uploading a SVG Logo File
24. Setting up your Website Footer
25. Your Blog's First Impression to the World
26. Setting up your Blog Layout
27. Adding additional Sections to your Homepage
28. Creating a Category Page
29. Introducing yourself on your About Me Page
30. Setting up the Yoast SEO Plugin
31. Image Optimization
32. Installing a Caching Plugin
33. Finding Relevant Content Ideas
34. Setting up your Blog Post Layout
35. Creating a new Blog Post
36. What is Web Monetization
37. What is Coil
38. Creating your Coil Account
39. Setting up the Coil WordPress Plugin
40. Experimenting with Exclusive Web Monetized Content
41. Deleting the Dummy Posts and Deactivating the Coming Soon Mode
42. Enabling Search Engine Indexation in WordPress
43. Get Involved with the Web Monetization Community
44. Thank You