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Groovy Programming Fundamentals for Java Developers

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Set Up:
Section Introduction
Creating and Debugging a Grooving Project in IDEA
Installing Groovy on a Mac or Linux System from the Website
Exploring the Groovy Tool Set
Using the Groovy Console to Execute and Examine Groovy Code

Groovy Operators:
Section Introduction
Null-Safe Dereference Operator
Elvis Operator
Spaceship Operator
Spread Operator
Range Operator

Groovy Strings:
Section Introduction
String Interpolation
Pattern Operator in Regular Expressions
Slashy Regular Expressions
Find Operator in Regular Expressions
Match Operator in Regular Expressions
Capture Groups in Regular Expressions

Collections in Groovy:
Section Introduction
Creating Lists and Sets
Creating Maps
Composing Collections of Different Types
Accessing Elements of a List
Using Groovy Truthiness with Collections
Creating and Accessing Composite Collections
Processing Lists and Sets
Processing Lists and Sets by Index
Processing Maps by Key and Value
Filtering Collections
Finding the Matching Element in a Collection
Testing Elements in Collections
Collecting Elements to a List
Collecting Entries to a Map
Creating Aggregate Functions with Inject

Groovy Language Features:
Section Introduction
Default Imports and Classes
Main Methods in Groovy Applications
Creating Classes and Instances in Groovy
Adding methods and state to Groovy Classes
Using Inheritance in Groovy
Overriding Methods in Groovy
POGOs and Groovy Property Generation
Operator Overloading
String Equality in Groovy
Returning Multiple Values from a Method
Autogenerating Equals and HashCode with Groovy AST Transformations
Named Constructors

Wrapping Up:
Thanks and Well Done!