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Working with T-RackS 5

Getting to Know the Interface :
Learn about what T-Racks is and how it works, and get an introduction to the overall layout of the T-Racks interface.

Metering :
Explore ways to set and use T-RackS 5 Peak, LUFS, VU, PPM, Phase scope, Spectrum Analyzer, and Spectogram metering.

Dyna-mu :
Explore this new fantastic sounding compressor plug-in. The two fixed ratio modes, combined with its input/output gain staging and variable attack/release times, make it useful in a wide range of musical contexts.

EQual :
New in T-RackS 5, this Linear Phase EQ is intuitive and flexible. See how to grab and drag to create up to 10 EQ bands wherever necessary, and select from a wide range of EQ types, choosing between various curves that model the Q/Gain relationship found in different vintage hardware units.

One :
Explore One, a new all in one mastering plug-in, containing settings for presence, low end, mids, harmonic excitement, compression, transient control, and limiting, all in a single powerful plug-in.

Master Match :
Discover how to use this processor to learn the sonic characteristics of a reference track and the track you are working on, and then create an EQ and level curve to match the current material to the reference.

Working with Projects :
Learn how to set up and save stand alone T-RackS 5 projects, and how to navigate the Waveform View.

Mastering Quick Start with T-RackS 5 Pt. 1 :
Examine a mastering chain that includes the EQP-1A, Dyna-mu, Precision Comp Lim, Master EQ-432, and Stealth Limiter processors, all set up to master the first of three songs by the artist Hayley Richman.

Mastering Quick Start with T-RackS 5 Pt. 2 :
See how the second song is now set up with a different mastering chain, using Saturator X, EQ-PB, Bus Com, Dyna-mu, EQual, and the Stealth Limiter.

Mastering Quick Start with T-RackS 5 Pt. 3 :
Discover how a variation of the previous mastering chain is set up to work with the third song. Compression from the British Channel replaces the Dyna-mu, and various parameters on the other modules are modified.

Assembly & Export :
Learn how to assemble the tracks for final export with Track IDs, ISRC, and EAN/UPC Codes. Also see how the Export window options are used to reduce the sample rate of your masters to CD format audio.

Snapshots & Automation :
See how to use Snapshots to change parameter values at different points in your song, and see how to enable parameters within the T-RackS 5 plug-in Suite version for automation within your DAW.