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Superior Drummer 3 Tips & Tricks Vol 1

Video Introducing this tutorial

Layered Bass Drums :
In this video, Luke shows you how easy it is to create layered bass drum stacks with level and pitch adjustments to enhance your bass drum sound and make it wallop.

Create a Thick Snare Sound :
Learn how to create a thick sounding snare drum using bass drum and rimshot sounds layered in with your main snare drum.

Floor Tom as a Bass Drum :
In this video, you'll learn how you can use a Floor Tom as a Bass Drum and how to supplement your hybrid drum sound with mix presets.

Using the Pitch FX Parameter :
See how to create pitch bends over time and create layered pitched drum stacks for hybrid drum sounds.

Creative Tuning Applications :
Luke explains and demonstrates how to use the Tuning parameter with the high quality algorithm to tune your drums in a realistic fashion while still applying the Pitch FX to the processed drum sound.

Extreme Tuning Adjustments :
In this video, you'll learn how you can apply extreme tuning adjustments with stacked drum layers to create new drum sounds.

Individual Drum & Channel Selections :
Explore how to load specific instrument sets and mixer channel presets only for selected instruments and channels, which allows you to quickly create hybrid drum configurations and Mixer FX chains.

Apply SD3 Core Library Presets to Another Library :
Luke shows you how to load drums from another expansion library and apply the Superior Drummer 3 core library mixer presets.

Using SD3 Core Sounds in Another Library :
In this video, you'l learn how to use Superior Drummer 3 Core Library sounds within another expansion library while utilizing that libraries mixer presets.

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