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Producing an Epic String Arrangement from Score

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Marcus gives you a brief introduction discussing the intent behind the series.

The Game Plan :
Marcus now reveals the track that will be used for the duration of the series, and discusses the approach he will be taking for incorporating the Notation / Score into his DAW project.

Notation Workflow Tips & Best Practices :
Marcus discusses some basic workflow tips and suggestions that can help streamline the process when dealing with Notation based score in your productions.

Notion 101 For Producers :
In this video, Marcus demonstrates some basic functions such as navigation shortcuts, and selection / editing techniques that producers should familiarize themselves with when working with Notion.

MIDI & Notation Software :
Marcus demonstrates how to send over MIDI data from Notion to PreSonus Studio One with the seamless integration between the two programs.

Importing MusicXML into Notion :
Learn how to import a MusicXML created by another notation program, into Notion, in order to edit and tweak the score further before incorporating it into your production.

Importing & Attaching Audio in Notion :
Marcus demonstrates how to import / add a rendered mix-down of an audio file into Notion, in order to have the production mix sitting in the same project as the Score.

Adding 3rd Party Virtual Instruments & Plug-In :
Learn how to add & enable both 3rd party virtual instruments & plug-ins within Notion.

Articulations vs Playing Techniques :
Marcus discusses the fundamental differences between how Notion interprets playing techniques vs articulations and how this affects keyswitches and Rulesets.

Creating a Ruleset in Notion :
Learn how to create a custom Ruleset in Notion, that can be used to interpret Articulation Keyswitches when working with 3rd party Virtual Instruments.

Adding Humanization in Notion :
Marcus demonstrates some basic techniques that can be used to add a layer of humanization to score, such as randomizing velocities and note on/off positions.

Sending the Score to Studio One :
After completing all the needed work in Notion, Marcus sends over the complete score along with the 3rd party virtual instrument presets, to Studio One.

Tweaking the Rough Mix :
In this video, Marcus sets up his rough mix in the DAW, as well as some basic routing and effects.

Editing the Keyswitches :
In this video, Marcus demonstrates how to edit the keyswitches that were sent over from Notion. In addition, he also discusses some general workflow tips for working in the MIDI editor.

Adjusting the Velocities :
Learn how to tweak and adjust the velocity levels in your DAW to achieve an appropriate and realistic balance between the dynamics of the MIDI vs your production.

Layering & Adding Additional Virtual Instruments :
In this video, Marcus demonstrates how to use alternate virtual instruments to add as an additional layer, to help add width and character to your production.

Creating Huge Sounds from Individual MIDI Parts :
Learn how to use larger preset patches within your virtual instruments to create massive orchestral layers by borrowing MIDI elements from different tracks.

Dealing with Trills :
Marcus outlines some tips on how to deal with creating trills with virtual instruments that do not have a trill keyswitch articulation.

Expression & Modulation for Added Realism :
Learn how both Expression & Modulation can be used to program an added layer of realism into your MIDI string performances.

Logic Pro X Workflow :
Learn how to use the built in stock EXS24 content within Logic Pro, to flesh out your MIDI into a realistic performance.

Pro Tools Workflow :
In this video Marcus demonstrates how the stock Virtual Instrument AIR Xpand! 2 can be used to layer in additional sounds by borrowing MIDI information from different tracks.

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