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Ozone 8 Explained

Video Introducing this tutorial

In the first video we will take a look at the User Interface along with the monitoring section. We will also take a peak at what's

Master Assistant & Referencing
Master Assistant is a brand new feature within Ozone 8. Using machine learning, Ozone can make some very helpful decisions and give us a great starting point to begin the masting process.

Next, let's take a look at the EQ module. It can be a surgical tool or a warm fuzzy blanket. You get to pick. We'll also take a look at EQ matching.

Tonal Balance Control
Ever wonder how your mix's balance compares to your favorite mix engineer's? Now you can take a look with great detail.

Dynamic EQ
This module is a great option when a standard EQ or multi-band compressor isn't quite doing the trick.

Vintage EQ
Don't let this module's simplicity fool you. It has a huge warm sound.

Here we have Ozone's version of a multi-band EQ. It?s beautiful in it's design, features, and sound.

Vintage Compressor
Compression can do some magical things within a mix. This compressor drawn upon different analog compressors and their mojo for inspiration.

Vintage Limiter
This limiter is based on the famous Fairchild 670 and Ozone's version gives us three flavors to choose from.

Time to bring out the big guns. This is where iZotope's IRC algorithm gets to shine. Bring up the volume but don't sacrifice your mix.

This video is dedicated to saturation, four bands of wonderful analog saturation to be exact.

Spectral Shaper
If you have ever wanted to surgically remove harsh or problematic frequencies in a very musical way, this module is for you.

Vintage Tape
Next, let's take a look at how we can add tape love to our mastering workflow. It can be sweet but it can also bite.

The last module is all about the stereo field. We can enhance a great mix or help rescue a mix from the mono zone.

Standalone Application
We don't need a DAW to use Ozone 8. In fact, there are some great workflows only available in the standalone app.

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