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Orchestral Percussion SDX Explained

Series Introduction:
Installing the Orchestral Percussion SDX

Chapter 2 : Orchestral Percussion Library I:
Orchestral Percussion I Instrument Overview
Bass Drum Tools & Articulations
Snare, Tom, Tools & Articulations
Timpani, Taikos, Tools & Articulations
Cymbals, Piattis & Articulations
FX Cymbals, Plates, Tubular Bells, Tools & Articulations
Gongs, Tam Tam, Tools & Articulations

Chapter 3 : Orchestral Percussion Library II:
Congos, Bongos & Boom-Bam
Percussion Assortment 1
Percussion Assortment 2

Chapter 4 : Orchestral Grooves:
Orchestral Percussion I MIDI Grooves
Orchestral Percussion I Rudimental MIDI
Orchestral Percussion II MIDI Grooves

Chapter 5 : Room Mics & Mixer Settings:
Utilizing Mains, Outrig & Close Mic Channels
Individual Room Mics
All Room Mics
Perspectives Overview & Hard Perspective Mixes
Soft Instrument Perspectives & Surround Options
Mix Perspectives Orchestral Percussion II

Chapter 6 : Working with the Orchestral Percussion SDX:
Customizing Mix Channels & Room Mics
Mixer FX & Routing
Orchestral RAM Management

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