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Novation Circuit Power Start

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started :
Josh explains how to power on your circuit, along withintroducing the basic audio output connections.

Building Drum Grooves in Circuit :
Josh now introduces you to the drum sequencer in Circuit and how to use it to compose a beat.

Changing Your Drum Samples :
See how to access and use Circuit's sample library for easy sound selection.

The Velocity Button :
Josh reveals how to utilize velocity to create movement with your drum grooves in Circuit.

Using & Creating Patterns :
Josh shows how to create and choose from the various patterns in Circuit.

The Mixer Section :
Josh explains the mixer section in Circuit and how to use it.

Circuit FX :
Josh now demonstrates how to use the FX section in Circuit.

Adjusting Tempo :
Learn how to speed up and slow down the tempo within Circuit quickly and easily.

Adding Swing :
Josh explains how to utilize and apply the swing settings in Circuit for different feels and grooves.

Synth & Scale Modes :
Learn all about the synthesizers and scale mode found in Circuit.

Creating a Synth Sequence :
Watch how to create synth sequences in Circuit using its built in sequencer.

The Gate :
Josh explains and demonstrates how to use the gate function on your synth notes for more interesting parts and patterns.

Recording a Synth Pattern in Realtime :
Josh explains and demonstrates how to record a synth pattern in realtime in Circuit.

Using Sidechain :
Discover how to use the sidechain feature in Circuit for the popular pumping compression sound.

Nudge it! :
Josh now shows you how to utilize Circuit's Nudge feature to create rhythmic variation in your sequences.

Setting Length :
Learn all about the Length feature that's used to create dynamic variation in your sequences.

Synth Macros :
Josh reveals how to use the macro controls to apply expressive sound changes to your music.

Recording Macro Movements :
See how to record macro movements in realtime for cool effects and dynamics in your tracks.

Creating Drum Macros :
Josh now introduces the main functions of Circuit's drum macros.

Recording Drum Macro Movements :
See how to record drum macro movements in real-time for more interesting drum parts.

Recording Mixer Movements :
Learn how to record mixer knob movements in realtime for better mix control and creativeness.

Saving Your Session :
Josh explains how to save all of your ideas into a session for easy recall later.

Master Filter & Master Volume :
Discover how to utilize the master filter and volume in your productions.

Importing Custom Samples :
Josh explains how to import your own sound samples into Circuit, and thanks you for watching the series!

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