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Logic Pro X 10.4 Update Explained®

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New FX Plug-Ins :

Welcome to Logic 10.4! :
Get an overview of some of the new features and enhancements that will be covered in this series.

Phat FX :
Learn all about Phat FX, the first of Logic 10.4's two new multi effects plug-ins. See and hear how its various modules and modulation sources are put to work.

Step FX :
Explore this modulation based multi effects plug-in, and see how its three independent step modulators are used to control the plug-ins' various parameters.

ChromaVerb - How it Works :
Learn all about Logic's newest algorithmic reverb. It operates on the principle of a circular absorbent structure in which the sound is gradually absorbed like it is in a real room. Explore the parameters that modify the absorption characteristics, the fourteen discrete algorithms, and hear how internal modulation is used to add motion to the reverb tail.

ChromaVerb in Action :
See how some of ChromaVerb's features are put to work on a vocal bus, electric guitar solo, and a saxophone and trumpet part using the new Studio Horns instrument.

Vintage Console EQ :
Hear how this Neve EQ and output Drive emulation from the new Vintage EQ Collection sounds on some synth, bass, and drum tracks.

Vintage Graphic EQ :
Explore this API 560 emulation on various tracks, and hear how the tuning parameter allows for a 32 kHz "air band" boost that sounds great on a master bus.

Vintage Tube EQ :
Hear first hand the magic that happens when this EQ is used to boost and cut around the same center frequencies.

New Instruments & Articulation Handling :

Introduction to Studio Horns :
Learn about Logic's new Studio Horns instrument, and the new Articulation ID switching techniques.

Studio Horns - Controlling the Sound :
Discover the controls available to shape note transitions, dynamics, and vibrato in real time as the instrument is being played.

Studio Horns - Editing Articulations :
Watch as a sax part is played in, and the articulations are edited in the Piano Roll Editor. The part, with its embedded articulation IDs, is then duplicated and edited in the Score Editor to create harmonies, and played back with a trombone sound.

Studio Horns - Working with Key Switches :
Discover how the assigned key switches work in either permanent or momentary modes, and how triggering the momentary fall and doit articulations automatically attach additional notes to sustained notes.

Studio Horns - Auto Voice Split :
Learn how this mode is used to automatically split notes between several instruments, or groupings of instruments, based a series of voice splitting conventions. Chords played in on a keyboard controller are automatically assigned to different instruments or instrument groupings, based on the ranges of the respective instruments.

Welcome to Studio Strings :
Eli shows you all about this new string ensemble instrument. Sections include Violins 1, Violins 2, Cellos, Double Basses, as well as several larger mixed ensembles. Hear how the natural sounding legato transitions, articulation switching, and real time dynamics control make it easy to create parts with nuance, life, and movement in them.

Studio Strings - Auto Voice Split :
Get a close up look at how chords are split between the different string sections in the mixed ensemble string patches, with and without the various auto voice split parameters.

The Articulation Set Editor :
Learn how this window is used to either modify or create create sophisticated key switch and controller definitions.

Articulation Switching & Third Party Instruments :
See how the Output pane of the Articulation Set Editor is used to map Logic's Articulation IDs to send out MIDI messages to match those in third party software instruments.

Smart Tempo:

Welcome to Smart Tempo :
Learn all about Logic's powerful new tempo analysis and detection capabilities that allow you to record a performance without the metronome, and have Logic pro adapt the project tempo to match the tempo of the recording.

Smart Tempo Explained :
Dig a bit deeper into the three new Smart Tempo analysis modes. And see how the new flex & follow modes influence the behavior of imported audio.

The File Tempo Editor :
See how this window is used to view and edit beat markers and other tempo information for an audio file.

Smart Tempo in Action :
See a couple of typical workflows involving some Smart Tempo functions.

Other Enhancements:

Mixer & Plug-In Undo :
Learn all about how all mixer and plug-in undo steps are now stored in a separate undo history, available via the mixers local edit menu, the plug-in windows preset menu, and the global undo history window.

New MIDI Recording Preferences :
Discover how the four new MIDI Replace recording options work when punching in on an existing MIDI region.

RIP MIDI Draw & Other Automation Enhancements :
MIDI Draw is now replaced with new integrated region automation functionality. See how both track & region automation are now available in the Piano Roll & Score editors, and a new auto-select workflow enhances the ability to work with multiple automation parameters in a single lane. Enhanced snap and pencil automation functions also now allow for simpler creation of stepped automation.

Key Commands Window Makeover :
Learn about the new Radio and Filter buttons, new preset management workflows, and new productivity enhancing key commands.

Plug-In Updates :
Discover the new features in Space Designer, Direction Mixer, Retro Synth, Alchemy, and the new Vintage Mellotron instrument. Plus, see how to work with multiple linked plug-in windows.

General User Interface Enhancements :
See how the updated Normalize (Audio) Region Gain functions work, and discover a variety of other graphic and UI enhancements in the Tracks Area, LCD, Bar Ruler, Inspector, Mixer, and more.

Two New Drummers & Drum Kits :
Hear Austin & Tyrell in action on the lovely sounding new Blueridge & Speakeasy drum kits.

Miscellaneous Enhancements :
Learn all about a mix of small, but very useful interface enhancements and functions.

Browser Enhancements :
Learn how to bookmark a custom location in the All Files Browser, and how to manage old audio loop libraries using Logic's new untagged loops library functions.

New Content :
Finally, explore and discover the new content added to Logic in this update, including new Future Bass, Raggaetron Pop, Drummer, Studio Horns, and Studio Strings Apple Loops, as well as the new Alchemy's new Vision cinematic style presets.

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