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iZotope Neutron 2 in Action

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Marcus introduces the series & the track that will be used for the course. He also explains his basic setup in his DAW of choice, and talks about how he has set the mix up, to facilitate a quick mix and easy organization & navigation.

Neutron 2 Gate Overview :
Marcus demonstrates the newly added Gate in Neutron 2, and explains ways to use it and scenarios when it might be useful.

Tonal Balance Control Overview :
Learn all about the powerful Tonal Balance Control Plug-in included with Neutron 2 & Ozone 8, and how it can be used as a visual aid/reference when working in a different mix/mastering environment.

The Mix Tap Plug-In :
Marcus demonstrates the simple but incredibly useful Mixtap plug-in that's included in Neutron 2, along with a couple of tips on how to create instant stereo width on mono source tracks.

The Visual Mixer :
Learn how the Visual Mixer can be used to A/B different versions of your mix without destructively changing automation and levels in your DAW.

Setting Up the Static Mix :
Follow Marcus as he goes through the tracks and tweaks the static mix so that its sitting at a solid starting point before the mix takes place.

The Game Plan :
Marcus talks about his game-plan / approach to take for mixing the track, including some insights on how to set up Sub Groups and VCA Channels to streamline the whole mixing process.

Track Assistant Improvements :
Learn all about the new & improved track assistant and how it can be utilized to auto-detect a good starting point for mixing your tracks.

Mixing the Drums :
Marcus now mixes the drums using a Preset from Neutron 2, then tweaks it to better suit the track.

Mixing the Bass :
Learn how to use the Masking Meter to reference potential frequency collisions, and fix them by using a side-chain in Neutron 2 in order to create a dynamic EQ node that ducks under the Kick Drum, to help it cut through the mix.

Mixing the Male Vocals :
In this detailed video, Marcus demonstrates how to use the Track Assistant to come up with a solid starting point for the male lead vocals. In addition, he also turns to some presets, and uses some tricks to add stereo width to the mono lead vocal.

Mixing the Guitars :
Marcus now gently shapes and contours the Guitar Buss to better sit in the mix, by applying some EQ, and Filters, as well as an exciter to give them a bit more bite.

Mix Check Using Tonal Balance Control :
Moving on Marcus pulls up the Tonal Balance control to monitor the overall balance of the mix as it starts to come to life. He makes some tweaks where needed, and gets ready to bring in the female vocals.

Mixing the Female Vocals :
In this video, Marcus begins to shape the female vocals by giving specific treatment to the lead vocals as well as some shared processing to the female background vocal elements.

Mix Buss Processing & Loudness Level Check :
Marcus demonstrates how to uses Neutron 2 to add some Mix Buss Compression, EQ, Excitement, and Saturation to the mix. In addition he also checks the loudness levels to ensure that they?re in line with his intended delivery spec.

Final Mix Check & Tweaks Using the Visual Mixer :
In this last video, Marcus makes some final tweaks on the mix, and uses the Visual Mixer to test out some potential alternate mixes without affecting the overall balance of his mix.

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