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Getting Creative with Your DAW

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Turning a Drum Beat into a Bass Part
2. Using Sequencers to Write Melody Ideas
3. Using Arpeggiators to Create Beats & Melodies
4. Re-Pitching Drums to Change Up Beats
5. Re-Pitching Audio with a Sampler
6. MIDI Chord Effects for Chord Ideas
7. Creating Stutter Gated Effects
8. Using Reverses in Your Productions
9. Create Your Own Vocal Drum Beats
10. Using Extreme Time Stretching Techniques
11. Creating a Filtered White Noise Riser Effect
12. Resampling Audio Through the Sampler
13. The Filtered Telephone Vocal Effect
14. Robotic Synth Voices with Pitch Correction
15. Creating Vocoder Effects
16. Vocal Re-Pitching Techniques
17. Using Sidechaining to Give Pumping Effects
18. Volume Automation for Sidechaining
19. Layered Sounds to Make One Complex Instrument
20. Multiband Saturation Effects
21. Morphing Between Sounds with Volume Control Automation
22. Lo-Fi Effects to Create Contrast
23. Spectral Editing Your Sounds to Create New Sounds