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FL Studio 20 Intermediate Course: Learn Advanced Concepts

Course Introduction :
Course Introduction
How to Ask Questions + Leave Review

Beat Overview and Analysis :
Listen to What We Have

Gain Staging + Overall Balance [MIXING] :
Gain Staging + Mixing/Mastering Procedure
Gain Staging Myths
Best Practices with EQ
Best Practices with Compression
Applying Sends and Creative Layering
[Advanced] - Sidechain Compression Power
Actually Mixing the Track

Building Out the Song Structure :
Goal of Arrangement
Actually Arranging the Song
Does Your Song Flow

Mastering: Preparing Your Track for the World :
What is the Goal of Mastering
Mastering Chain Process
Actually Mastering the Track

Exporting Music :
How to Export Your Song

Staying Organized :
Staying Organized with Music

Course Conclusion :
Course Wrap-Up/Outro