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First Song with Cubase

Video Introducing this tutorial

Creating an Intro
In this video you'll learn some basic program functionalities, including setting the project tempo, adding virtual instrument tracks, duplicating parts and doing some simple level adjustments.

Drums & Bass
Next, Paul begins with crafting the song's verse, including drum programming as well as how to adjust note velocities to give your drum parts dynamics. You'll also learn how to create a bassline, using key commands in the note editor to manipulate note and perform some basic patch editing.

Developing the Verse
In this video you'll continue to work on the verse section, including parameter automation, adding additional synth layers and introducing some acoustic drum elements.

Building the Chorus
Now Paul introduces some heavier elements to the production. See how to set up an audio track for recording live guitar as well as some basic approaches to double tracking and grouping.

Chorus Continued
In this video you'll continue to develop the chorus section by adding more layers, as well as revisiting the verse section and adding some transitional elements to bring the electronic and rock sections together.

Arranging & Wrap Up
Finally, see how to use the existing sections to create a quick arrangement in preparation for a mix. Paul also briefly explores Musical Mode and the Audio Pool to get the audio files in the song to conform to tempo, allowing the tempo to be sped up, creating a whole new vibe!

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