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Digital Performer 10 Mixing & Mastering Explained

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction to Mixing in DP.MP4
2. Packing Your Tracks Into Folders.MP4
3. Routing Your Tracks to Auxiliary Buses.MP4
4. Using Markers.MP4
5. Exploring the Mixing Board Window.MP4
6. Grouping Your Tracks.MP4
7. Using VCA Faders.MP4
8. Using the Meters for Gain Structure.MP4
9. Panning Your Tracks.MP4
10. Using EQ.MP4
11. Using Dynamic Processing.MP4
12. Using Dynamic EQ.MP4
13. Bus Processing on Aux Tracks.MP4
14. Parallel & Sidechain Compression.MP4
15. Using Send Effects.MP4
16. Adding Interest with Automation.MP4
17. Using Mixer & Automation Snapshots.MP4
18. How to Use 3rd Party Plug-Ins.MP4
19. Using V-Racks for Multiple Sequences.MP4
20. MIDI Controllers for External Control of Your Mix.MP4
21. Mastering Effects on the Master Output Pt. 1.MP4
22. Mastering Effects on the Master Output Pt. 2.MP4
23. Exporting Out Your Song.MP4