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Creating Epic Cinematic Compositions

What is an Epic, Cinematic Composition? :
Gary welcomes you and gives a short introduction on what epic, cinematic compositions are and a play through of the track you'll be working on together.

Software :
Gary now covers the software requirements and gives recommendations on what you'll need to write for a Cinematic Composition.

Creating String Ostinatos Pt. 1 :
Gary begins by showing you how to write an ostinato pattern with the 1st violins.

Creating String Ostinatos Pt. 2 :
This video takes the ostinato further to the 2nd Violins and how you can use Step Input recording when creating the part.

Adding Extra Strings :
Now learn how to build up the rest of the string section by recording parts for the Viola, Cellos and Basses.

Introducing the Horn Melody :
Gary shows you how the Piano melody sketch is moved across to the Horns, and how the MIDI data is edited to create a realistic performance.

Accompanying Brass Parts :
The rest of the Brass parts are now recorded in for the Trumpets and Trombones.

Using Pads for Ambient Drone Soundscapes :
Gary now demonstrates how a synthetic pad is recorded in to add a certain mood to the production's intro.

Emotive Piano Motif :
See how an emotive piano motif is recorded in the introduction section over the pads, adding more depth to the soundscape.

Using Pulsing Instruments :
Gary reveals how to record a pulsing / sequenced sound to create tension and add pace to the arrangement.

Adding Risers for Effects :
Now see how to add in riser effects to build up to the big impact moment in the arrangement for dramatic effect.

Building Up Epic Percussion Pt. 1 :
Explore constructing the rhythms for the different percussion parts in the arrangement.

Building Up Epic Percussion Pt. 2 :
Gary continues to build up the percussion parts for the percussion section, adding some final elements.

Extra Flourishes with Woodwinds :
Woodwinds are now added in to add some extra interest and detail to the production.

Adding Choirs to the Mix :
Gary now experiments with Choirs to add a human element to the arrangement.

What is a Braam? :
Gary explains what a Braam is and how you can create it with the Brass and Percussion sections.

Braams with Strings & Choirs :
See how to add more complexity into the Braam by adding some strings and choirs to the mix.

Reiteration of Piano Theme for Outro :
Explore how to repeat the Piano motif played in the intro, and add it to the outro of the songs as well, including the pads over it for more impact.

Checking the Mix Pt. 1 - Levels & Automation :
Follow along as Gary starts working the mix by balancing the different levels of the tracks, plus adds in volume automation for more precise control.

Checking the Mix Pt. 2 - EQ, Compression & Reverb :
Now explore how you can use EQ, Compression Effects and Reverb Sends in your Cinematic Compositions for an even bigger, more complex sound.

Exporting Out Your Song & Audio Stems :
Wrapping it up, Gary shows you how to Export out your song, as well as how and why to print audio stems of your different sections of your epic, cinematic composition.

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