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Groove 3 Omnisphere 2 Explained

Video Introducing this tutorial

Res Judicata
De Novo
The Mini Browser
Searching in the Full Browser
Boolean Filtering
Loading Sounds
Match & Lock Browsing
Importing User Audio
Saving & Managing Sounds
Editing Tags
Working With Projects
The Main Page Pt. 1
The Main Page Pt. 2
Working with Layers
Oscillators Overview
Sample Mode Controls
The Soundsource Zoom
Basic Synthesis Controls Pt. 1
Basic Synthesis Controls Pt. 2
FM Synthesis
Ring Modulation Synthesis
Waveshaper Synthesis
Unison Mode
Harmonia Mode
Granular Synthesis
Working With Modulation
Using the Filter Section
The Filter Envelope
Working in Dual Filter Mode
Working With LFOs
ADSR Envelopes
Multi Stage Envelopes Pt. 1
Multi Stage Envelopes Pt. 2
Morphing Modulation
The Arpeggiator
The Orb
Working With FX
Working in Multi Timbral Mode
Host Automation & MIDI Learn
Stack Mode Pt. 1
Stack Mode Pt. 2
Latch & Trigger Modes
Live Mode
System Performance
Sharing & Adding Sounds
Sharing Projects
Publishing Libraries Pt. 1
Publishing Libraries Pt. 2