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Groove 3 Mixing 101 – Mix Session from Hell

Track Management
Rough Mix with Markers & Tempo
Clean-Up, Clip Gain & Split Mono
Master Buss FX
Basic Vocal Sound
Guitar Amp Sims
Basic Drum Sound - Ride Mic
The Drum Overheads
The Room Mics
Kick Drum
Snare Drum Pt. 1
Snare Drum Pt. 2
Drum Reverb
The Toms
The Ride Cymbal
Drum Buss EQ & Parallel Compression
The Bass Sound
The Guitars Pt. 1
The Guitars Pt. 2
Acoustic Guitars
Lead Vocals & Clip Gain
Lead Vocals / EQ & Compression
Lead Vocals & De-Essing
Bridge Vocal FX
Background Vox
Dividing Tracks & Panning
Automation Pt. 1
Automation Pt. 2
Final Mix