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Graphic Design Tips & Tricks Weekly

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The Best Practices of Graphic Design
Design a modern cover: Think simple, clean, and angular
Transform a product sheet: Put your words here, not there
Design a business card: Make it look like what it says
Double your artwork for free: Use the same picture twice
Design a ghosted logo: A picture always goes with itself
Design a business card using repetitive shape
Why round letters are bigger than straight ones
Design a powerful poster: Work with your photo, not against it
Design stationery that’s almost a brochure: Picture your product, not your logo
Alignment: Your ruler’s good only for regular things
Logo design: Think simple
Your design needs a focal point: Dramatic photo anchors a strong makeover
Chart your data with images
Make a beautiful logo with off-the-shelf type
How to transfer your look to a new format
The (very!) versatile art of the silhouette
Easy, functional one-line design
Signage: Consistency makes the brand
Elementals: How black, white, and gray make depth
A beautiful desk calendar you can make yourself
Lesson of the counterintuitive logo
How to design visual instructions
Design a beautiful CD package
Simple brochure presents your face to the public
Soften the edge
Small layout packs a big punch
Shape it: Part one
Shape it: Part two
A logo makeover: Part one
A logo makeover: Part two
Grid collage
People in a group on a grid
Magazine cover redesign
Designing cards with type alone
Designing a small-space advertisement
Designing a business card for a photographer
Designing names with type and basic shapes
Review of an outdoor sign logo
Creating a small multipage brochure
Designing with black, white, and gray
Gestalt techniques: Isomorphism
Redesigning a business card
How to put motion on a static page
The color wheel
Layout decision points
Designing a tiny brochure
Panoramic spacing
Multi-use format for a business card
The boring book cover challenge: Part 1
The boring book cover challenge: Part 2
The single space practice
Incorporating hairlines into your design
Close enough with color choice
More design techniques with grids
Lanzarote calendar assignment
Foreground focal point
Stop, look, observe
Working with a rule of thumb (dynamic) grid
The humble power of negative space
Go with the flow
Learning by doing
For the love of design!
The boring book cover challenge, part 3
Bold moves
Simply beautiful
Common but versatile looks
Audacious philanthropy

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