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GitOps Foundations

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
An enhanced approach to DevOps
Exercise file setup

1. GitOps Basics :
What is GitOps?
Evolution to GitOps
How GitOps works
GitOps benefits

2. The Building Blocks of GitOps :
GitOps principles
Declarative configuration
Git as the source of truth
Automated change delivery
Automated state control
Desired state in Argo CD
Automated change delivery in Argo CD
Automated state control in Argo CD

3. GitOps in Practice :
GitOps use cases
Cloud native
GitOps on Kubernetes
Infrastructure as code (IaC)
CICD with GitOps
Container platforms
GitOps practices in action: IaC and continuous deployment
GitOps practices in action: End-to-end workflow

4. GitOps Tools :
Tools for GitOps
Terraform overview
Provisioning Kubernetes clusters with Terraform
Flux overview
Bootstrapping Flux in Kubernetes
Flux controllers
Continuous delivery with Flux
Flagger overview
Installing Flagger with Helm
Progressive deliver with Flagger

Conclusion :
Next steps