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Getting Your Game Out There

Welcome To The Course 01m 08s
About The Author 00m 57s

Know Your Game
What Are You Making? 01m 42s
What Makes It Interesting? 02m 27s
Who Is It For? 02m 50s
Why Are You Making It? 01m 46s

Spread The Word
Attending Events 04m 14s
Crowdfunding 04m 10s
Social Media 04m 40s
Marketing And Public Relations 03m 37s

Working With Journalists
Making Your Approach 03m 51s
How To Write A Press Release 04m 12s
Handling Interviews 05m 19s
Have A Press Kit 02m 38s

The Road To Release
Choosing Platforms And Storefronts 02m 39s
Seek Advice 04m 39s
Driving The Hype Train 05m 44s

Wrap Up And Thank You 00m 35s