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Get Started with Amazon Data Storage Using S3 and Glacier

Introduction To The Course
Welcome To The Course 00:01:30
About The Author 00:01:34
How To Access Your Working Files 00:01:15

Discussion Of Big Data
Big Data Introduction 00:02:31
Big Data Dimensions 00:04:17
Big Data Storage Factors 00:03:15
Big Data Storage Options 00:05:25
Big Data Storage Architecture 00:03:45
Set Up AWS Demo/Sandbox Environment 00:05:00

Deep Dive Into Amazon S3/Glacier
Amazon S3 Introduction 00:03:31
Amazon S3 Demonstration 00:10:28
Amazon S3 Cross Region Replication 00:04:36
Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration 00:06:55
Amazon S3 Storage Classes 00:05:56
Amazon S3 Multi-Part Upload 00:03:05
Amazon Glacier Introduction 00:02:53
Amazon S3 Lifecycle Management Policies 00:04:30

Introduction To Amazon DynamoDB
Introduction And Concepts Into DynamoDB 00:02:57

Wrap Up And Thank You 00:00:58