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Fusion 360: Sketch Fundamentals

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Sketch better with Fusion 360
Saving and versioning in Fusion
Exercise files

1. Basic Sketching :
Starting sketching
Line tool
Rectangular tool
Circle tool
Arc tool
Polygon tool
Ellipse tool
Spline tool
Patterns and Mirror tools
Project tool

2. Dimensions and Constraints :
Sketch dimensions
Editing and modifying constraints and dimensions
Example: Using dimensions and constraints

3. Parameters :
What are parameters?
Setting up a simple parameter setup
Adding parameters in sketch
Example: Using parameters

4. Inserting File Formats into Sketch :
Inserting SVGs
Inserting DXF
Inserting images and canvases

5. Text :
Using text
Types of text you can use
Text along a curve

6. 3D Sketching :
Explaining 3D sketching
Navigating the 3D Sketch environment
2.5D sketching
Full 3D sketching

7. Driving Solid Bodies :
How to create a solid body from a sketch
How to create a surface from a sketch
Emboss tool
Sweep tool with 3D sketching

8. Tips and Tricks Sketching :
SVG scaling
Changing planes for sketch
Radius curve constraints
3D geometry and curvature constraints

9. Use Cases :
Plywood drawer system
Bike model

Conclusion :
Next steps