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Fusion 360: Animate a Parametric Standing Desk

Video Introducing this tutorial

Note: This course was created by Product Design Online. We are pleased to host this training in our library.
Introduction :
Animating 3D models in Fusion 360
What you should know
1. Preparing Designs for the Animation Workspace :
Preparing models for animations
2. Setting up Animations in Fusion 360 :
Entering and navigating the Animation workspace
Creating the first storyboard
3. Creating Product Animations in Fusion 360 :
Auto exploding Fusion 360 designs
Manually exploding Fusion 360 designs
Creating a product assembly: Part 1
Creating a product assembly: Part 2
Creating a product assembly: Part 3
Finishing the product assembly with callouts
Publishing the animation video
Sharing the animation video
Conclusion :
Next steps